Taking consistently precise measurements is the only way to reach a reliable scientific result. Blacksmith is a precision instruments maker.

At Blacksmith, we create quality and reliable instruments which perform accurately, every day in every environment.

Blacksmith aims to better the scientific community by providing the best instruments — easy to use, durable, consistent, and most importantly, precise.


Experience state-of-the-art FT-NIR technology in the palm of your hand. The smallest spectrometer on the market, Kroma offers 1350 - 2500 nm detail range in a user-friendly, compact design.

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Blacksmith Node™ is a professional Bluetooth 1D/2D barcode and long-range RFID scanner ecosystem designed to reduce labor-intensive tasks and manual processes. This scanner instantaneously identifies items and automatically stores information in your central computer system. Improve worker and process efficiency with Node™’s unique, modular solution offering:

  • powerful dual scan mode
  • sleek, compact form
  • universal adaptation to any phone, tablet, or computer
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